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“A Hideoki Bespoke garment becomes

Born of traditional craftsmanship, infused with an innovative style, and personalized to express the client’s individuality, a Hideoki Bespoke garment enhances every client’s lifestyle.

Our passion is to create an exquisitely customized garment that the client alone can wear. This goes far beyond providing an expertly tailored fit, to creating a garment designed around the personality of each Hideoki Bespoke owner.

Whether a sport coat and trouser with shirt, a suit and tie, or jeans paired with a shirt, the true fit and rich heritage of each garment shows on our client’s physique, as well as in their distinguished stride and confident look.

Our clients are individuals at the top of their game who are comfortable with their own success. Now it’s your turn.

Come discover what the Hideoki Bespoke experience can do for you.

Hideoki Team

The Team

It goes without saying that we hire only the most talented industry professionals with an exacting attention to detail. But talent alone will not secure a position on our team. We look for something extra, simply termed, "a passion for listening with the heart."

We tell our staff, "We do not design clothes. We enhance lifestyles." It’s a difference that can be seen on the face of every client as they stand before the mirror wearing their new Hideoki Bespoke garment for the first time.

That difference comes from deeply listening to the story the client tells during the consultation and the courage to let that story drive the creative process of personalizing the garment. It’s a skill that can’t be taught. But it’s a skill that every member of our team brings into the studio and offers to our clients every day.

Dedrick Hideoki Hagiwara Thomas

At a young age, I had always been a connoisseur of the unique. Encouraged by my grandmother to follow my dreams (and embrace their risks), my road to entrepreneurship began shortly after graduating from the College of Engineering at Mississippi State University with Magna Cum Laude honors.

Being an executive in an arena where image is everything, I found myself purchasing custom clothing as the result of the limited options and inadequate customer service of upscale and premium department stores. When even the experience of using a tailor did not live up to its promise, I went a step beyond to design clothes for myself. This was the birth of Hideoki Bespoke.

The year was 2007 and I began servicing a very close group of friends using my home as a studio. My vision was to create a clothing business that, rather than focusing on the tailored garment alone, was deeply driven by the lifestyle of the client and the buying experience.

This unique approach, combined with the quality and unparalleled fit of Hideoki Bespoke garments, proved to fulfill an unmet need in the marketplace. After years of hard work, I am now grateful and proud to offer clients the complete Hideoki Bespoke experience at our private studio located in the heart of Atlanta’s famed Buckhead.